English Menu test

Here is the Menu Test that check the balance of the diet offered at school, but you can use it also to understand how is the quality of the food you eat in your family.


Fill the form


Click the link you reach at the end of the test


Check the score. If you don’t see the score reload the page.


under 50 points -> insufficient
over 50 /under 100 points -> sufficient
over 100 points -> good
over 151 points -> excellent!


The test is a simplified and digital version of ‘Menu test‘, developed by the Local Health System of Milan in order to assess the quality of the school menu. You just answer few questions on 12 topics and you will obtain a score.  The result of the test may be used to ask the School to improve food quality as many parents have done in the last two years.

Here the presentation of the Menu Test

The page you reach is with the score you obtain and the quality test scale:
English score